Thinking outside the box!

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Thinking outside the box!, read book, reading, inspirational, quote, thoughts, motivational, good habit

When I was a teenager, my eldest sister (I have three elder sisters) once told me “Books are investment” and she always inspired me to read. You might think how can books be an investment? Guys, whether you spend money in buying books or buy it for free, remember you are investing in your mind. Books are one of the best tools for training and upbringing. Reading can bring about a revolutionary change in the outlook of a person.

Lets ask ourselves some questions and see how can we incorporate this good habit:

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Power Of Words

February 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

power of words, use wisely, power, words, quotes, thoughts, quotation, story, motivational, inspirational, personality development, communication skill, art of communication

A poster on a school notice board declares: “What we habitually say in our heads, we usually end up saying with our lips, which ultimately direct our feet.” Words are powerful.

The following story illustrates well the power of words:
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This is a very interesting article not just…

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This is a very interesting article, not just general motivational one. A real life experiences of a man sharing all his learnt lessons with us. I found them all very true. Its better to learn few things before its too late. Check it you may also find it useful, please do share your views.

Its worth reading.

Here is the article –

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