7 Steps to Handmade creative ‘Time is running’ Wall Clock

March 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

clock,color,design,interior, craft,handmade,

Time is running…

I found the picture of this innovative clock in a site. I liked the creativity very much. Instead of thinking where to buy this clock,  I thought of how to make it. Here is how I made it.

clock,color,design,interior, craft,handmade

The steps to make this innovative clock yourself, you will need:

1. Black chart paper or black craft sheet

2. Fevicol or gum

3. White and black acrylic paint color

4. Paint brush

5. Card board or any junk sweet/clothe/shoe box

6. Scissor or blade

7. Pencil

8. Clock machine and the clock fingers for minutes, hours and seconds


1. Sketch the running man figure in your black chart paper and cut it carefully using razer.

2. Copy the same sketch of the running man figure in your card board and cut it.

3. Also draw a square in the center of card board to keep space for the clock machine to fit later on.

4. Apply fevicol on the card board and paste the chart paper over it carefully.

5. Paint the chart paper with the black acrylic color to give it deep black color and also paint the back of the card board with the black paint.

6. Paint the numbers 3,6,9,12 as shown in picture with white paint color.

7. Fit and stick the clock machine in the space which we left for the machine in step 3 and attach the fingers over it.

clock,wall clock,craft,handmade,how to,innovative

Your beautiful clock is ready to use! 🙂 I took hardly an hour to make it and is cheaper as well.


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§ 2 Responses to 7 Steps to Handmade creative ‘Time is running’ Wall Clock

  • Nice one Raksha.. 🙂 It looks really very creative. Its best one of study room, which remainds us TIME IS RUNNING 🙂

    It can suite to other themes as well bas we need to dress it p accordingly.. to bring that theme effect.. like… u can dress it up for school boy.. for exam hall clock.. dress it up for IT prof.. for office meeting room clock.. dress it up for sporty ware.. for gym.. sport clucb clock.. etc… list is never ending till thought goes on… Nice Job i liked it.. 🙂

    • Rak$h@ says:

      Great idea Swapnil! I didn’t even thought of it. Really creativity has no end.

      I simply copied the creation but you came up with something innovative. 🙂 Thanks dude for sharing the idea.

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